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An orchestra – many musicians, united in their passion for music in which individuals unite into a whole. A chamber orchestra, however, requires a large measure of individuality. Each player can and should commit completely. This leads to the unique mixture of the sound of a large orchestra with the expressive, spontaneous sound of chamber music.

In 2006, Katalin Hercegh (Violin), Joachim Schwarz (Viola) und Wolfram Geiss (Violoncello) gave their personal vision of an orchestra an institutional form and even more; a home: the Louis Spohr Chamber Orchestra. Named after the composer and violinist, Louis Spohr, who shaped the music scene in the 19th Century for decades.

In the Louis Spohr Chamber Orchestra, under the artistic direction of Katalin Hercegh, musicians from all over Germany have joined together to follow their common vision. The concept of  collaboration in the aspiration towards perfection and harmony. Individuals together creating something great – free and flexible, joined in thought and emotion with the same goal in front of them. Working on equal footing within the highest personal responsibility of each musician. Working with different groupings, from chamber music ensemble up to the classical orchestra. Working without a conductor.

The results are exciting and electric interpretations. Programs that speak to all the senses of the listeners.

It is a special objective of the ensemble to pass this performance ideal on to young musicians. For this reason, the Chamber Orchestra supports young, talented students and gives them the possibility to work on concert programs with the members of the ensemble and to perform them. The chamber orchestra has even awarded several stipends since 2016, sponsored by engaged members of its support group.  

The Orchestra received the Culture Award from the city of Kassel in 2009. It is a regular guest with the Kasseler Musiktagen – recently in 2016 with the opera production LOS ELEMENTOS. In addition, since 2014, it maintains an established concert series with regularly appearing well-known guests such as Reinhold Friedrich (Trumpet), Làszlò Fenyö (Violoncello), the composer Luca Lombardi or the conductor Àdàm Fischer supporting the Orchestra. Performances outside the region, such as the Gustav Mahler Musikwochen in Toblach or the Altenberger Kultursommer underscore the reputation of the ensemble far outside the borders of its home in Kassel or North Hesse. It is a sign of the special quality and versatility of the Louis Spohr Chamber Orchestra. Thus the repertoire reaches from early Baroque through Classic and Romantic all the way to modern compositions. The concerts are accompanied again and again with additional artistic elements such as light and video installations or through the spoken word. They want to surprise the audience and  at the same time encourage contemplation.

And the Louis Spohr Chamber Orchestra offers more than classical music on the highest levels. It doesn't confine itself between the old traditional walls of „classic“. It doesn't respect the borders of sectors and style – it overcomes them. Becomes free of conventions. Breaks the chains. The Louis Spohr Chamber Orchestra – unleashed!

The new series »unleashed« of the Chamber Orchestra – it offers unusual settings and a change of perspective for eyes and ears. Music encompassing Classic, Tango, World Music. Playful and without boundaries of „serious“ and „pop“.

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